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Sukeshcraft Luggage Tags Suitcase Tag Travel Bag Labels 4 Pcs- Tan


CARDS Every Tag Having 2 Cards and printing on both side. you can put 4 address Front Side and Back Side on Both Cards.
LENGTH Size of the Tag is 7x3.1Inch. with 3 Point Adjuster So it Easy to Attach the Tags to Big Luggage.
COLOUR Available 7 Colour of Choice and Currency Symbol Print on BackSide. Easy to Trace on Arousal Which Provide Convenience and Personality to your Travel Experience.
METRO CARD I Put My Metro Card In Luggage Tag and Attached to My BackPack. Simpley Scan it During Entry And Exit. This Simple Utility of this Product Increase Productivity and Reduce Avoidable Money Wallet access.
SIMPLE Yes, sometime small product make our life supportive in our Travel and Day to Day Work.

Utility Waiting for your checked luggage bag at conveyer belt usually nerves moment some time it pass in front of us couple of time. This tag make your luggage tag stand out of it.

OwnershipAddress and contact detail given on the tag itself Tell where it belong to if it get misplaced during travel.

Material Made with real pu with white stitching. Thick transparent material use for visibility. Durable material use inside for longevity.

Design More then 27 Currency Symbol use to make die and engraved on the back of Luggage tag to make perfect Style with utility.